The 2018 FGI Guidelines – Are You Ready for Change?

Dana Swenson, P.E., MBA – Senior Vice President and Chief Facilities Officer, UMass Memorial Health Care System, Worcester, MA
Heather B. Livingston – Director of Operations, Facility Guidelines Institute (FGI)

The FGI Guidelines for Design and Construction documents are the design standards most often employed by medical planners, designers, and owners of hospitals and outpatient facilities. Authorities having jurisdiction (AHJs) in 42 states enforce some edition of the Guidelines, but even states that haven’t officially adopted the documents often refer to them to help determine their own minimum standards. The States of Massachusetts, Connecticut and New York are considering the adoption of the 2018 edition. This session will highlight the key factors influencing the proposed changes in the draft 2018 Guidelines. Public input and understanding of the development process is imperative to the continued success of this series of documents vetted by the multidisciplinary Health Guidelines Revision Committee (HGRC).

These changes include requirements for recovery spaces; imaging, procedure, and operating rooms; and satellite sterile processing spaces in hospitals and outpatient facilities. Learn how these and other revisions may affect the planning and design of new construction and major renovation projects. This session will also review the HGRC’s benefit/cost analysis.

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