Identifying Fire Door Assemblies Subject to Yearly Inspection and Testing


Ron CoteRon Coté, P.E.

Lead engineer, life safety, at the National Fire Protection Association – NFPA

Ron Cote, P.E. was NFPA staff liaison to the NFPA 101 technical committees for 35 years. He is currently a NFPA technical lead developing new products and services.

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Identifying Fire Door Assemblies Subject to Yearly Inspection and Testing

NFPA 101-2012 references NFPA 80-2010 which requires yearly inspection, testing and maintenance (ITM) of all fire door assemblies (FDA); ITM records must be retained and made available to accreditation/CMS surveyors. Facility operators should prepare an inventory of all FDAs; doors that are not fire doors need to be maintained in working order like all other elements of the life safety systems but should not be added to the FDA inventory.

Attend this session to learn which doors are FDA and need to be inventoried. New and existing door openings found in health care facilities will be addressed via the requirements of NFPA 101: patient room, hazardous contents room, smoke barrier, horizontal exit; doors associated with vertical openings including exit stair enclosures, elevator hoistways, and HVAC shaft walls; and doors that serve multiple purposes like those in a corridor wall opening to a patient care sleeping suite where the corridor wall is also a smoke barrier. The session will conclude with NFPA 80 verification points for the ITM of FDA so facility operators can determine if in-house personnel have the requisite skills to perform the yearly ITM or if the work will need to be contracted to outside professionals.