Deep Chiller Plant Optimization


Steve Keppler

CLEAResult Consulting Inc.

Steve Keppler is the Senior Director for the CLEAResult Critical Systems Design Build Practice.
Previous Experience: The US Department of Energy (DOE) Visiting Fellow, SD Keppler and Associates Founder-President-CEO, US Green Building Council (USGBC) LEED Program Director.

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Deep Chiller Plant Optimization

A case study style presentation on the application of a collection of strategies leveraging situations or circumstances, to address and implement standard AND deep chiller plant optimization. Touching on technologies and products generically, the session technical focus will be on ASHRAE’s 2010 90.1 Standard sections focused on water side economization and the design shift and related performance and functional benefits to integrated versus parallel water side economizer system design.

Progression of Chiller Plants to Optimization
The segment will present and discuss paths and progression of chiller plant optimization at a high level, mapping the progression from static or worst case status, to best case, fully optimized plants. The discussion will be supported by quantifiable milestones through plant optimization progression in terms of annualized system kW/ton performance (chillers-towers-pumps) to support facility executive decision making and metrics for planning and executing on plant optimization. This portion of the session will also address facility, functional, and corporate dynamics that create opportunity to begin executing on deep plant optimization.

Strategies/Technologies/Products to Arrive
Supporting the chiller plant progression discussion, the segment will touch on strategies, technologies, and products/services (in a generic manor) that take plant optimization from worst case to and through standard optimization, and those which need to be considered and deployed to achieve deep plant optimization. Topically this session will address sorting strategies, technologies, and products/services that make sense for consideration at different junctures in a facilities life that can effect and be leveraged to execute plant optimization including; major expansions, CapEx/End of Life projects, energy-sustainability program retrofits, control and system refreshes. A technical focus in this segment will be on water side economization and the design shift and related performance and functional benefits to integrated versus parallel water side economizer system design.

This segment will be a frank discussion on the known, and not so obvious, institutional and healthcare vertical barriers or paradigms that often hinder the progression to deep optimization or even standard best practices. The moderator will encourage participants to share experience and strategies on managing paradigms and breaking through barriers to success.

Economics for the C Suite
A concluding discussion about the economics of deep chiller plant optimization will be facilitated. Going beyond the obvious, concepts and methods to best present the financial benefits to executive management to fit into the context of the changing healthcare vertical business environment and how deep plant optimization can be a positive contributor to a challenged profit climate.