Inspecting Swinging Fire Doors with Builders Hardware

A Practical Guide for AHJs and Facility Management Personnel

Doors and hardware play a significant role in life safety. Fire door assemblies are essential elements in containing fire and smoke. It is critical that code officials, building owners and managers understand the importance of providing and maintaining the protective barriers in their facilities. The building owners and managers must also be educated as to what components make up the barriers, and how to maintain the barriers over the life of the building.
The Foundation’s Education Session will provide guidance on how to comply with the NFPA 101 2012 edition’s requirement of mandatory annual inspection of fire door assemblies. The session will review the requirements of the referenced revised NFPA 80 standard, including how to schedule the required inspections and correctly document the maintenance, inspection and testing of the fire door assemblies.
The session will also teach how to locate and identify the fire door assemblies, how to confirm if the components of the assemblies are fire rated, are installed per the manufactures instructions, and are in working order.
The sessions also reviews the requirement that the facility engage a qualified person to perform the fire door inspections, and review resources for obtaining education for the field staff on how to perform the care, maintenance and inspections of the fire door assemblies.
Rodney W. Weaver, AHC, FDAI, CFDI, CAI, has been in the door and hardware industry for over 28 years. Architectural Hardware Consultant (AHC) per the Door and Hardware Institute, Fire Door Assembly Inspector (FDAI) per the Door and Hardware Institute, Certified Fire Door Inspector through IFDIA and ALOA, and Certified ACE Instructor per ALOA.

Learning Objectives
• Recognize the inspection /maintenance requirements of fire door assemblies
• Identify the fire door assemblies within the building
• Select and summarize and inspect all the fire rated assemblies in the barriers per the life safety drawing
• Provide education to employees who maintain the fire door assemblies

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