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President: Greg D’Heilly, Facilities Manager, Dartmouth-Hitchcock, Manchester –

Vice President: Peter Girard, Facility Manager, Dartmouth-Hitchcock, Concord –

Secretary/Treasurer: Tim Bishop, Facilities Manager, Dartmouth-Hitchcock, Nashua, NH –

NEHES Rep: Scott Lever, Mechanical and Utility Systems Manager, Southern New Hampshire Medical Center, Nashua, NH –

Chapter Information

The New Hampshire Society of Healthcare Facility Managers (NHSHFM) is dedicated to improving the healthcare environment by furthering the professional and personal growth of those involved in healthcare facility operations.  NHSHFM meets the third Friday of every month, typically in Concord, but the location occasionally changes to allow for member facility site tours. Each meeting features a special guest presentation that deepens member education and training in healthcare facility management and operations.

Active Membership in NHSHFM is available to anyone working directly in the New Hampshire healthcare engineering field, specifically in facility operations management of a hospital or other healthcare institution. This includes facility managers and construction, design, security, safety, clinical engineering, and telecommunications staff. Active membership fee is $35. Supporting Membership in NHSHFM is open to vendors, contractors, manufacturers, architects, and other service providers who interact with members as part of regular business operations. Supporting  membership fee is $75. 

NHSHFM Membership Application

2017-2018 Meeting Schedule

Date Location Comments
December TBD Annual Planning Meeting

Paul Colby

Paul Colby, Concord Hospital, on left, getting his recognition award for VP of NHSHFM for the year of 2016.

Peter Girard

Peter Girard, Dartmouth-Hitchcock, getting his recognition award for NEHES representative

Tim Bishop

Tim Bishop, Dartmouth-Hitchcock, getting his recognition award for NHSHFM treasurer and secretary.

Greg D'Heilly

Greg D’Heilly, chapter President, receiving his award from Tim Bishop.


Minutes from Past Meetings

NHSHFM Minutes Archive