Student Committee

ChairBrittany Lydon
Brittany Lydon
University of Connecticut, School of Mechanical Engineering
Storrs, Connecticut
Co-ChairMichael Kilbride
Michael Kilbride
University of Massachusetts Dartmouth
285 Old Westport Rd, North Dartmouth, MA 02747



In concert with the philosophy of New England Healthcare Engineers Society (NEHES), and with the institutional goal to:

  • promote better patient care by taking advantage of the latest developments in healthcare facilities management, design, operation, and maintenance techniques available.
  • promote the mutual exchange of technical assistance, ideas, and experiences among members.
  • promote the professional development of healthcare engineers through continuous education.

the Board of Directors support an active Student Committee to assure the above goals of the NEHES organization are embraced and fostered forward by future Healthcare Engineers for the good and welfare and safety of our patients, employees, medical staff, visitors, contracted workers, volunteers and students.


ARTICLE I – Name of Organization:

The name of this organization shall be the NEHES Student Committee.

ARTICLE II- Purpose of the Committee:

The purpose of the student committee is to promote, organize, and support student health care engineering clubs at colleges and universities throughout New England. The student committee is further missioned to promote growth in sound engineering practices and the scientific progress in the healthcare engineering field, to foster the development of future health care engineering professionals. The committee will assist student organizations at colleges and universities in the development of its student members for educational purposes.

ARTICLE III – Membership:

  • The Committee shall be student representatives of various colleges and universities as well as an active NEHES student member of the Board of Directors and a NEHES Supporting member to provide the students guidance in ensuring success in meeting the Student Committee purpose.

ARTICLE IV – Officers:

  • The Officers of the Student Committee shall consist of a Chairperson and a Co-chairperson.
  • The Chairperson(s) of the Student Committee shall be appointed by the committee members annually.
  • Duties and responsibilities of the Chairperson shall be to:
    • Preside at all meetings of the Student Committee
    • Plan the agenda of the meeting based upon recommendations of the members and other necessary items.
    • Coordinate all NEHES student related programs and activities with the assistance of the Student Committee.
    • Prepare monthly meeting minutes for distribution, as requested.
    • Participate at the NEHES Board meetings
    • Written report of activities at the NEHES Board meetings

ARTICLE V – Meetings:

  • Meetings shall be held monthly at regularly scheduled times.
  • Special meetings of the Committee may be called when necessary.

ARTICLE VI – Liasons:

  • The Sustainability Liason an ASHE / NEHES student position participates on the quarterly phone conference call to keep student committee informed of activities in the health care industry related to sustainability and energy management. While students may not yet be actively involved in sustainability or energy management efforts, the sustainability liaison can bring current health care industry information to the student members.
  • The Advocacy Liason an ASHE / NEHES student position participates on the quarterly phone conference with liaisons from ASHE chapters from across the county to discuss advocacy issues. Advocacy is the process of having an influence on those things that impact the healthcare physical environment. These include new codes, standards and guidelines and compliance issues that are proposed or being enacted. The advocacy liaison keeps the student committee informed of activities in the health care industry, and provides an opportunity for the student committee to be involved in shaping the future.

ARTICLE VII – Evaluation Program:

  • The objective, scope, organization and effectiveness of the Student Committee will be evaluated annually and revised as necessary.
  • The NEHES Board of Directors will receive regular reports about the activities of the Student Committee and makes recommendations as appropriate.