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Hospitals take advantage of energy-efficient upgrade incentives, 2/21/17
Massachusetts General and Children’s Hospital Los Angeles undergo major LED retrofits for minimal cost


Here’s how hospitals can heal through sustainability, 2/12/17

10 reasons health care needs sustainability treatments, 2/12/17


Build Health International: Making Haiti’s hospitals resilient and sustainable, 2/1/17


Boston Children’s Committed to a Responsible Energy Footprint, MASCO eUpdate January 2017


EPA Study Supports the Long-term Benefits of Green Infrastructure, April 2016, 10/18/16


EPA releases new state fact sheets on climate change, August 2016, 10/18/16


EPA Launches the Climate Resilience Evaluation and Awareness Tool (CREAT) Version 3.0, 10/18/16


Massachusetts Governor signs climate change executive order, 10/18/16
Press Release (9/16/16) | Executive Order


Sustainable: Crunching numbers on buildings’ energy use, 10/4/16


Save Money Now, Plisko Sustainable Solutions, 10/4/16


ENERGY STAR’s Portfolio Manager – Track More Than Waste, 09/07/16
Access Portfolio Manager | Frequent Questions on Using Portfolio Manager to Track Waste | Managing and Reducing Wastes: A Guide for Commercial Buildings | Access this new section on the EPA WasteWise site


Hospitals are saving energy, keeping the air cleaner, 08/18/16


Hospitals’ Energy Efficiency Prescriptions are Working, 08/17/16


The Magic of Metrics, 07/28/16
Managing assets and making smart choices are hallmarks of a successful sustainable initiative. Metrics bring the details into focus.


Application Period Opens for 2017 Climate Leadership Awards, applications due 9/26/16, 07/25/16


Solvents in the Workplace How to Determine If They Are Hazardous Waste, 07/25/16
View all the winners


New Green Advancements in Hospital Environments, 08/25/16


How a Rooftop Garden, Local Farming Helped One Hospital Boost Patient Satisfaction, 06/6/16

New Milford Hospital in Connecticut champions food as preventive medicine through homegrown meals


Sustainable materials prove to be prudent investment, 06/1/16

Health care facilities put their purchasing power behind earth-friendly materials that offer financial payback and more


Key Eco-Friendly Healthcare Tools to Cut Down on Paper-Related Waste, 06/10/16


Illinois hospital’s expansion, renovation is Lean and green, 06/13/16

Advocate Good Shepherd’s new bed tower was designed to LEED Silver standards


Kaiser Permanente aims high in new sustainability initiative, 06/16/16

Health system strives to become carbon positive, with full recycling of nonhazardous waste


Environmental Policy Influences Investment Strategy at SSM Health, 06/23/16


Practice Greenhealth 2016 Award Winners, 06/10/16
View all the winners


Sustainable: Guidance on Vacatur of RICE NESHAP and NSPS Provisions for Emergency Engines, 06/10/16
Technical Information Page | Mandate | RICE Website


Sustainable: DOE Launches Combined Heat and Power for Resiliency Accelerator, 06/10/16
View the Combined Heat and Power for Resiliency Accelerator


Sustainable materials prove to be prudent investment, 06/1/16

Health care facilities put their purchasing power behind earth-friendly materials that offer financial payback and more

Hospitals must stay green and hold back the tide
, 05/9/16

10-Year Study Shows Green Building Strategies Pay Off—in Real Dollars, 05/4/16

Journey to Engaged Leadership St. Johns Medical Center, 05/9/16

A Vision of Hospitals as Centers of Community Wellness, blog

SSM Health heightens sustainability initiative, 04/29/16

Redefining value for green buildings to go farther, 04/22/16

Effective daylighting can reduce building energy consumption, 04/25/16

Can Greenhealth Exchange transform hospital supply chains? 05/17/16

4 Surprising Ways Energy-Efficient Buildings Benefit Cities, 05/11/16

AMO Celebrates Progress and Achievement at Better Buildings Summit, Looks to Future Success, 05/16/16

For a Greener Supply Chain: Information Hospitals Can Actually Use, 05/11/16

Appreciating the Value of Sustainability in Health Care, 05/11/16

Health Care Climate Council to Present Webinar on Prepping for Extreme Weather Events, 05/25/16


Sustainable: Climate Friendly Purchasing Toolkit, 12/10/15


Sustainable: EPA Report: Diesel Engine Grant Program Nets Major Air, Public Health Benefits, 11/10/15


Practice Greenhealth 2016 Award Winners

The 2016 Practice Greenhealth Environmental Excellence Award winners were announced at the Practice Greenhealth Environmental Excellence Awards Gala on the evening of May 19 in conjunction CleanMed 2016 in Dallas, Texas. There were many New England hospital recognized.  Congratulations to the winners. View all...

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