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UL Releases Summit Proceedings for Safety Science of 3D Printing

Your Health and 3D Printers, New Research on Health and Environmental Impact Northbrook, IL, June 27, 2017– UL, a global safety science organization, releases the proceedings from “Safety Science of 3D Printing,” a leadership summit with participation from more than 45 stakeholders—including printer manufacturers, material suppliers, public health professionals,...

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Inhaled Anesthesia 2020 Challenge Drawdown Campaign

Inhaled Anesthesia 2020 Challenge Drawdown Campaign Reduce your facility inhaled anesthetic carbon emissions by 50% by 2020! Inhaled anesthetics are potent greenhouse gases. Waste anesthetic gases (WAGs) are routinely vented off facility rooftops, where their emissions to the outdoor environment are currently not controlled. Several simple strategies can reduce...

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