Engineer of the Year Award
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The Engineer of the Year is the individual who distinguishes himself/herself in service to the Society and the healthcare engineering profession during the most recent calendar year. Distinguishing qualities may be their service to their institution, their chapter, fellow engineers, and the Society as a whole. The award is not recognition of continuous years of service.

  1. During 2019 (and over the nominee’s career), the candidate has displayed commendable leadership qualities.
  2. During 2019 (and over the nominee’s career), the candidate has ably represented the interests of the New England Healthcare Engineers and the hospital healthcare engineering profession.
  3. The candidate has provided technical and/or professional assistance to other healthcare engineers.
  4. During the previous year(s), the candidate has published article(s) or technical document(s).
  5. Within the preceding 12 months, the candidate has received professional recognition, met the requirements for an academic degree, and/or achieved professional certification within an engineering related discipline.
  6. The candidate has made significant contributions within the healthcare engineering field.
  7. The candidate has shared programs or other information with fellow engineers that has helped them improve the overall effectiveness of their operations.
  8. The candidate displays high levels of integrity and professionalism.
  9. During 2019, the candidate has devoted significant amounts of time to a project that has brought positive (outside) recognition to the Society and its members.
  10. This candidate has served on a Committee (State/Local Engineering Societies, NEHES, ASHE, NFPA, ASHRAE, ASME, AIPE, etc.) and has contributed to the overall improvement of the membership.
  11. The candidate has contributed to both the cohesiveness and organization of the Society and has promoted cooperation between members.
  12. The candidate has hosted meetings and/or organized educational programs.

Nominations have closed for 2020, and will open again next Spring.

Click on each decade below to reveal the Engineer of the Year winners.
2018 - Alison Brisson, CHFM, SASHE
2017 – Dann Boyer, CHFM
2016- Wallace Pooler
2015 – Edward (Ed) Browne, MS, CHFM, CHC, SASHE, FACHE
2014 – David A. Rosinski, MBA, CHFM
2013 – Ron Vachon
2012 – Milt Dudley, CPE, CHFM, CHEC
2011 - Jona Roberts, SASHE, CHFM
2010 - Ed Lydon, SASHE, CHFM, MSHCM
2009 - Dave Dagenais, FASHE, CHFM, CHSP
2008 - Fred Leffingwell, CHFM
2007 - Steve Jalowiec, P.E., CHFM
2006 - Bob Lord
2005 - Joe Mona
2004 - Ron Vachon, SASHE, CHFM
2003 - Gene Cable, P.E., MSFPE
2002 - Don Garrison, FASHE, CHFM
2001 - Mark English, CCE, SASHE, CHFM
2000 - Joe Mona
1999 - Steve Cutter, SASHE, CHFM, MBA, HFDP
1998 - Jack Gosselin, FASHE, CHFM
1997 - Tom O’Sullivan
1996 - Mark Cappello
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